What is Liberated Matter?

Liberated Matter was founded in February 2004 by Wesley Verhoeve, fresh off the boat from the Netherlands, and Jay Goettelmann, fresh off the boat from Kansas. After a chance meeting at the famed Anti Hoot Nanny open mic they decided, within an hour of meeting, to start an independent music company. The first step was creating the weekly Cross-Pollination concert series (more about Cross-Pollination here). Wes's background is in production and label activities and he has worked for Universal and Columbia Records. Jay background is in booking events.

After Cross-Pollination got going in NYC, the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia requested their own version which ran successfully for one year. Liberated Matter then stepped out and started promoting a wide variety of concerts and shows all over New York and once more putting community and quality first.

LM stepped into the realm of artist management as a natural progression of their desire to put a spotlight on their favorite artists and started working closely with singer-songwriter Jaymay. In the 18 months LM worked with Jaymay she moved from small shows to packed venues, considerable label attention and a strong local following. In the mean time Verhoeve started focusing on management for his own project The Undisputed Heavyweights leading to a spectacular residency of sold-out Joe's Pub show. This became the jump off for successful boutique artist development label Family Records, a division of LM, with artists suchs as Wakey!Wakey!, Matt Singer, Casey Shea, Jeff Jacobson, Pearl & The Beard, Jukebox The Ghost and more. Jay also has musical projects of his own including Jay Mankind & The Popestra and blue-grass super group the Clipper Ships.

Liberated Matter is available for curating high-quality music events, event management and concert promotion. We lend our expert ear, established artist and press relationships and business background to create the highest quality tailor made music events available. This includes CD Release events, college events, corporate events and more.

Additionally LM has started a Music Placement & Supervision division focusing on truly still-to-be-discovered high quality indie artists available at competitive pricing.

LM's key values at the core of all our activities are a love for great music, honesty, integrity, community, sharing, a relentless sleeping pattern, and an appreciation for wine.

What are Liberated Matter's activities?

Concert Organizing & Promotion (including [Cross-Pollination CD Release Events, etc.), Event Management, Music Supervision & Placement, Artist Management & Booking, Independent Label, A&R Consulting, Executive Production duties on records, and more.

What is Cross-Pollination?

A long-running weekly concert series and staple in the NYC music scene. The New York Times calls it "an impressive feat of indie gumption". Read what it's all about, including a list of past performers, here.

How does one get booked for a Cross-Pollination?

Due to demand Cross-Pollination is booked quite far in advance. Please send us a link to your myspace page via e-mail.

What Is Family Records?

Family Records is a division of Liberated Matter and a boutique record label focusing on artist development and creating progressive strategies to bring quality music to the world. More here.

Tell us more about this music placement and supervision stuf.

Liberated Matter has been active in the New York music scene for 4 years and we have recently added a music supervision and placement department as a natural extension of our other activities and strong ties to the local music scene.

Behind the client log-in you will find an innovative and seamless experience through which we can provide project-specific recommendations from our catalog to meet your needs. We aim to be a bridge between quality independent music and quality broadcasting in every way. Your experience will be effortless, efficient, fast and satisfactory.

E-mail us about your project and to ask for more information. If you're an artist interested in being considered for our music catalog write us at wes@liberatedmatter.com.

Why is that guy Mike at so many Liberated Matter shows?

We don't really know, but we like the guy a lot so we don't question his presence.

Is Wes really Dutch?

No, that is a myth. He is from Nebraska.