music placement

Behind the client log-in you will find an innovative and seamless experience through which we can provide project-specific recommendations from our catalog to meet your needs. We aim to be a bridge between quality independent music and quality broadcasting in every way. Your experience will be effortless, efficient, fast and satisfactory.

There are two ways to go about finding the perfect music for your project.

1. You do the work :: Browse keyword music library below > select songs > send request > we get back to you right away!

2. We do the work :: Contact us > describe your project > we set up a client log-in and provide project-specific recommendations right away!

Write us about your broadcasting project and to ask for more information at wes(at)liberatedmatter(dot)com

If you're an artist interested in being considered for our music catalog write us at wes(at)liberatedmatter(dot)com